QIBOX K90 USB Microphone Review

QIBOX K90 USB Microphone Review
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What We Like

  • Great for recording at home or professionally
  • Good mic to give as a gift
  • Includes pop filter and stand

What We Don't Like

  • The stand is somewhat large
  • Limited warranty

Have you ever been in a situation and you needed a microphone? Perhaps you suddenly came up with a great idea for a podcast, or maybe you wanted to film a segment for your new YouTube channel but you were unable to do so because you didn’t have the proper equipment.

The good news is that you can invest in a tool that can help you with anything that needs a microphone by purchasing the QIBOX K90 microphone. It is versatile and can be used immediately upon receipt. What are you waiting for? This review will provide you with all that you need to know to make an informed decision as to the best microphone for your needs.

QIBOX K90 USB Microphone Review

QIBOX K90 USB Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter & Stand, Plug & Play Home Studio Microphones for PC Laptop, Smule, YouTube, Google Voice Search, Podcasting, Games (Windows/Mac)

The QIBOX K90 Microphone has a new design that features a built-in preamp. This function eliminates the need for an external power cord which can sometimes make use clumsy. This microphone is compatible with both Mac and PC computers which means that you won’t have to worry about downloading additional software programs for it to work with your current setup.

Who is this product for?

Finding the perfect microphone to teach classes online or present to a specific audience can be quite a challenge. Feedback and high-pitched noises can interfere with your ability to instruct your students or meet the needs of your clients. This microphone is perfect if you are looking for something that can make you stand out during an online presentation or if you are going to be teaching online courses. This microphone will ensure that you are heard by your audience without feedback in a clear and crisp sound.

We would recommend that this microphone be used by someone who is comfortable with a microphone and who will use it often for work or school. The setup is quite easy and can be used by beginners and professionals alike. If you have never used a microphone before, it may seem a bit strange at first, especially when you play back the recording but you will get the hang of it fast.

What’s included?

This microphone comes with a dual layer acoustic filter, folding tripod stand, and USB cord. The dual layer acoustic filter is made of professional-grade materials which helps prevent popping, static, and unnecessary noises from interfering with the quality of the vocal recording.

Overview of features

Unlike most other microphones, the QIBOX K90 is easy to put together right out of the box and is even easier to use. Unbox the microphone, plug the USB in to your Mac or PC and you can begin to use it. It is that easy.

Another great feature is the functionality of this microphone. You can use it with Skype, podcasts, recordings, voice overs, YouTube, and Google Hangouts. The possibilities are endless.

The QIBOX K90 is made with pristine care and is of great quality. The USB condenser microphone is made of a metal ABS. It comes with a tripod stand which makes the microphone stable and secure while in use. No longer will you have to fumble with getting the microphone to stay in one place while in use.

How to get the most out of it

If installation is a concern, you don’t have to worry with this product. Using this microphone is as easy as taking it out of the box, plugging it in to your computer, fixing the stand so that the angle is how you want it, and that is it. All you have to do to get the most out of this microphone is to use it whenever you can.

Have a family call on Skype? Use your microphone. Want to record a podcast? Use the microphone. It is so versatile and easy to use that you can be sure to get your return on investment.


If you are going to be speaking to a large crowd or you want a microphone that will allow you to move around, you may want to consider a model that is not stationary. A lapel microphone or something that is wireless and not connected to a computer would work best if you have an interest in moving around or walking on a stage with the microphone.


Choosing a microphone does not have to be rocket science; in fact, it can be quite simple. The QIBOX K90 is made of high-quality materials, offers a professional filter which cuts down on static and background noise, and has plug and play capability which makes it super easy to use.

This microphone is a great value and is a tool that you can use to conduct business via Skype, record podcasts, teach online classes, or create YouTube videos. The options are endless with this microphone.

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