Samson Q2U Handheld Microphone Review

Samson Q2U Handheld Microphone Review
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Samson Q2U Handheld Microphone: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Versatile
  • Features XLR and USB outputs
  • Perfect for home studio or professional use

What We Don't Like

  • USB recording is not the best on a PC
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Hosting a podcast or running a YouTube channel is all the rage these days. Doing so is a great way to reach people from all over the world and gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts, perspectives, know-how through tutorials, and even offer product reviews. But how does one get started in hosting their own podcast or YouTube channel?

The answer is quite simple. All you have to do is invest in a microphone or video camera with a microphone that provides podcasting or recording functionality. Not sure what to buy? This review will help you on your quest to find the perfect tool to get your podcast or YouTube channel started.

Samson Q2U Handheld Microphone Review

Samson Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack (Includes Mic Clip, Desktop Stand, Windscreen and Cables)

More than ever before, hosting your own radio show via podcast is a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out to the universe. This budget-friendly microphone with a built-in recorder and podcasting ability is perfect for a beginner who is looking for tools to help them get started. This microphone provides an easy setup without the use of installing drivers and comes with a tripod stand, clip, and headphones.

Who is this product for?

This microphone is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to create a podcast series but are not sure how to get started. The Samson’s Q2U handheld microphone is digital and analog which makes it easy to get started. In addition, this microphone comes in a package set that includes both the XLR and USB outputs, which makes it perfect for home and studio use.

If appearing live on stage is your jam, this microphone also has stage performance functionality. If you have been podcasting or performing live for a long period of time and are in need of more hi-tech functionality, this microphone would not be for you.

This microphone package is a great value and is quite affordable, easy to use, and is great for beginners. It is easy to use and includes a mic clip, tripod stand and extension, USB cable and XLR cable. All you have to do to get started is to plug it in and start recording.

What’s included?

Upon receipt of this product, you will be quite pleased with the presentation and packaging of the microphone. You will receive a USB and XLR cord, handheld microphone, ⅛” stereo headphone output, dual-color power/clip, and tripod stand with extension.

Overview of features

This handheld microphone is dynamic in that it offers USB and XLR capabilities. The USB output is great for those who have a desire to connect the microphone to a Mac or a PC computer to record their podcasts. However, if you have a desire to hook the microphone up to a PA system or mixer, you can do so with the XLR analog output. It is important to note that there is an on/off switch that can control both the USB and XLR outputs. This microphone is a great choice for those who are interested in a microphone that has a solid construction and is user friendly.

To take full advantage of this product, it is important to understand some key functional components. This mic provides a unidirectional pickup pattern, a high-quality A/D converter with a 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate, as well as 50Hz-15kHz frequency response. This is important to point out as these functions make it possible for audio to be captured on stage, in the studio, or on the go. These features ensure that you can be heard in a clear and accurate manner.

While this microphone has many great benefits, there are some areas that need to be taken into consideration. This microphone is certainly budget friendly; however, it may not be able to withstand the test of time as its components may not be as durable as the more expensive version of the product.

How to get the most out of it

This handheld microphone is perfect for those who are interested in starting up a podcast or performing live as a DJ. You can plug it into a PA system, mixer, or use it on its own. It is important to note that unlike other microphones, you will simply just need to plug this in to a computer, mixer, or PA system and you can begin using it right away.

There is no need to install drivers, software, or set up the product. It is as simple as plugging it in, turning it on, and using it. Another great feature is that this product is compatible with most software applications that are made for digital audio workstations.


This microphone offers great functionality when it comes to being able to use it with a computer, mixer, or PA system, however, if you plan to use a microphone for a long time and you will only be investing in one, it may be best to purchase one that is made of higher grade materials and offers a warranty.


Starting a podcast or a YouTube channel does not take rocket science. It can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this Samson Q2U handheld microphone as you just plug it in and start producing content. You will be a content-producing expert in no time!

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